LexisNexis Special Services Inc. (LNSSI)
was founded to help government agencies create actionable intelligence, deliver data-driven decisions, and solve the most pressing challenges facing our nation. LNSSI is a leading provider of insider threat solutions, including our A-TIP (Accurint Trusted Intelligence Portal) platform.  Fueled by our extensive identity management, visual analytics, risk scoring algorithms, and the marketplace’s largest database of public and proprietary records, A-TIP delivers automated record checks, continuous monitoring, and alerts based on key changes of an individual’s identity profile.


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Elder Research is a recognized leader in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence consulting. Founded in 1995 by Dr. John Elder, Elder Research has helped government agencies and Fortune Global 500® companies solve real-world problems in diverse industry segments.

Forcepoint simplifies security for global businesses and governments. Forcepoint’s all-in-one, truly cloud-native platform makes it easy to adopt Zero Trust and prevent the theft or loss of sensitive data and intellectual property no matter where people are working. Based in Austin, Texas, Forcepoint creates safe, trusted environments for customers and their employees in more than 150 countries.


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Babel Street provides the most advanced data analytics and intelligence platform for the world’s most trusted government and commercial brands. The AI-enabled platform helps them stay informed and improves decision-making for threat intelligence, identity and risk management, and alerting use cases. Teams are empowered to rapidly detect and collaborate on what matters in seconds by transforming massive amounts of global, multilingual data into actionable and contextual insights so they can act with confidence. Learn more at BabelStreet.com.


Varonis is a pioneer in data security and analytics, fighting a different battle than conventional cybersecurity companies. Varonis focuses on protecting enterprise data on premises and in the cloud: sensitive files and emails; confidential customer, patient and employee data; financial records; strategic and product plans; and other intellectual property. The Varonis Data Security Platform detects insider threats and cyberattacks by analyzing data, account activity, perimeter telemetry, and user behavior; prevents and limits disaster by discovering, classifying and locking down sensitive, regulated and stale data; and efficiently sustains a secure state with automation. With a focus on data security, Varonis serves a variety of use cases including data protection, threat detection and response, and compliance.


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Cogility Software is a leading data analytics technology provider focused on enhancing human and system performance by providing actionable intelligence in the most challenging and complex environments. Cogility Software’s technology enhances human and system performance by providing real time contextual information and actionable intelligence. Cogility’s analytics enable early insight in dynamic situations. Decision makers can timely transform risk into intercession or opportunity. The speed of informed, timely decision making is Cogility’s critical competitive edge. These adaptable solutions are offered in a secure, scalable cloud and can be customized to unique requirements.

Fresh Haystack is an innovative solution for Enterprise Risk Management including Insider Threat Defense, Industrial/Personnel Security, Onboarding hyperautomation, 3rd party risk determination and Investigations Management. Our platform evaluates true risk exposure using proprietary AI (Artificial Intelligence) RIDE (Risk Integration & Decision Engine) and making intelligent data-driven decisions to access, track and capture mitigation opportunities and response plans while continuously minimizing enterprise risk. 

SpyCloud Logo copySpyCloud transforms recaptured data to protect businesses from cyberattacks. Our products leverage a proprietary engine that collects, curates, enriches and analyzes data from the criminal underground, driving action so enterprises can proactively prevent account takeover and ransomware, and protect their business and consumers from online fraud. Our unique data from breaches, malware-infected devices, and other underground sources also powers many popular dark web monitoring and identity theft protection offerings. SpyCloud customers include four of the ten largest global enterprises, mid-size companies, and government agencies around the world.



Epiq Solutions develops cutting edge RF tools for situational awareness and detailed insight into RF environments for you to identify and take action against wireless threats. With more than a decade serving government-focused industries, Epiq Solutions understands how important speed, cost, and performance are for defense and security applications. Their radically small, state-of-the-art SDR transceiver modules and turnkey RF sensing tools lead the way in size, weight, and low-power consumption. Whether the need is to develop mission-critical defense communications for the battlefield or to protect sensitive information, Epiq Solutions is the trusted RF solution provider.


The mission of Fivecast is to enable a safer world. Fivecast is a world-leading provider of digital intelligence solutions that enable the world’s most important public and private organizations to explore masses of data, uncovering actionable insights which are critical to protecting global communities.


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We build software that empowers organizations to evaluate the workforce which ensures their, safety, security, and trust.

Rubrik, the Zero Trust Data Security Company™, delivers data security and operational resilience for enterprises. Rubrik’s big idea is to provide data security and data protection on a single platform, including: Zero Trust Data Protection, ransomware investigation, incident containment, sensitive data discovery, and orchestrated application recovery. This means data is ready at all times so you can recover the data you need, and avoid paying a ransom. Because when you secure your data, you secure your applications, and you secure your business.


Splunk is the data platform leader for security and observability. Our extensible data platform powers enterprise observability, unified security and limitless custom applications. Splunk helps tens of thousands of organizations turn data into doing so they can unlock innovation, enhance security and drive resilience.

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