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Digital Reasoning

Digital Reasoning helps people find solutions to complex challenges by harnessing insights hidden within data. Our Continuous Monitoring solution brings the power of our award-winning cognitive computing platform, Synthesys®, to the complex challenge of insider threat detection. Traditional detection methods are inadequate: rules-based monitoring of networks and physical systems cannot adapt to context and therefore miss key insights while raising false alerts. Cognitive computing allows electronic communications to be analyzed holistically with other sources of data: HR records, web and social activity, plus conventional structured data. This approach reduces false positives, is more effective at finding true positives, and helps to reveal malicious or inadvertent intent. With Continuous Monitoring, threats to an organization or people are not just identified but can potentially be prevented. Digital Reasoning is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, with offices in Washington, D.C., New York, and London. For more information, visit us at www.digitalreasoning.com

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TransUnion Government Information Solutions help federal, state and local agencies make smarter decisions. TransUnion goes beyond credit data to offer the insights that government professionals need to make informed decisions and ensure citizen safety, manage compliance and boost services for the constituents they serve. Whether your organization provides benefit services, protects public safety or collects tax revenue, TransUnion can provide the information you need to operate more confidently, securely and efficiently while controlling costs.

At TransUnion, we understand that unique data, coupled with the right analytics, can help the government achieve astonishing results for mission-critical requirements. TransUnion can help ensure compliance and program integrity and proactively address continuous evaluation and insider threats by leveraging its public and proprietary data sources. To learn more about how our Government Information Solutions can help your agency, visit transunion.com/government.

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